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OPENING 4 April 2024 - 4PM CET

4 - 25 April 2024

It is said that we are made of electricity: our brain operates through connections of an electrical nature, giving rise to a world of sensations, movements, communications, and ultimately, to our very being. Everything starts with a single flash of light in a dark room. The speed of the electrical impulse is so instantaneous that it barely grazes perception, but it is enough to translate into something extraordinary. Extraordinariness inherently holds a concept of mystery, always seeming to be unreachable and thus necessitating understanding. At the heart of 'Electro Zenit', an artistic journey unfolds that surpasses the Veil of Maya. From ancient Greek 'eikasia', meaning imagination, which is the ability to think beyond any precise logical elaboration, transcending mere sensory experience. The imaginative ability belongs to the art of every kind, to the poets who know how to create, shape, move the world. Works of art are like frozen lightning bolts in time, snapshots of visual power that capture the gaze and lead it through a new experience. Every detail is a fragment of a reworked reality, a reality in which fantasy and electricity merge to give rise to something unique and extraordinary. The energy emitted by creativity is the concrete expression of the flicker of the subconscious, spreading in intermittent electrical stimuli. 'Electro Zenit' traverses with its works the unmistakable momentum of a psyche shaken by the current of a random impulse, and above all exalts the ability to channel such energy into a conscious process, to transmit externally what is unleashed within. Imagine works that capture the philosophical concept of the Veil of Maya, as if they were open windows to parallel worlds. An event dedicated to art as the manifestation of an enchanting kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, where brushes and pixels become tools of an electric orchestra with which artists paint fantastic worlds.

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