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OPENING 16 February 2024 - 4PM CET

16 February - 8 March 2024

Like the distant resonance of an echo enveloping the mind, recalling the name of the beautiful nymph who reached out to her lover, so does man live. He is unheard, suspended in an arcane region of being. The fixity of repetition reduces him to an atrophic caricature of himself, imprisoning him in invisible bonds of agonizing constraint. Ovid's tale of the gentle Echo reveals the poignant existence of one condemned to stifle what burns most in the soul to conform to a feeble resonance. The purpose of "Boundless Echoes" is to break the restriction of what fits within the logic of repetition, crushing the will and reducing it to a circle of purposeless consciousness. The one celebrated is the artist, who shatters the predictable and pours into the ether their unmistakable reverberation with the force of untamed inspiration. Their crystalline voice breaks free from the monotonous choir of emptiness to affirm its own truth, a truth no other voice dares to emulate. Eunoia aims to amplify the impact of unique artistic voices, those that reject being mere echoes to embrace their nature, embodied in resounding amplifications of unparalleled creativity. With "Boundless Echoes," we celebrate the artist as one who transforms their echo into a unique, unrepeated, and unforgettable melody.

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